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Safety Training

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Safety Training

Fonshin’s Fire Drill


This week, Fonshin school carried out a fire drill to raise awareness of fire safety protection. The purpose of our drill, by means of training and rehearsal:


  • Escape from a building in an orderly and calm manner
  • Escape routes are used in accordance with a predetermined and practised plan
  • People will react rationally when confronted with a fire or other emergency at school or elsewhere
  • Children protect their airways with cloth, keep down low and head towards the exit
  • Those with responsibilities carry out their tasks to ensure the safety of all concerned


It is the responsibility of the headteacher and governing body of the school to ensure that fire evacuation drills are carried out. Each fire route must be based upon a simple, efficient procedure which is specifically designed for the premises in which we operate


Our fire evacuation drills are held once every term and include live methods for extinguishing fires.


During the morning as class was in progress, the fire alarm bell began to ring. The children calmy stood up, formed an orderly line and received a small piece of cloth from the teacher to protect their airways upon leaving the classroom. The entire class headed outside to the playground where they convened with the entire school. A roll call was made to ensure all of our children and staff were present. As we gathered here, we watch a show with the guards extinguishing a small fire. We further held a short Q&A secession to ensure that no matter how old we are, we know what to do if we encounter such a situation in the future.